The Traveling Construction Artist!

I like to roam, meet and get to know new people, the solitude of remote places, and the challenges and rewards of construction.

A home is a sacred place, and I help to design and create beautiful living spaces that are pet and plant friendly, and where friends and family want to spend time, enjoy each other, and celebrate life together – more than anywhere else on the planet.

I am currently working towards a truck w/trailer rig that will get me anywhere I need to go. I’m thinking of an F-250 6.7 liter diesel or an older one with the 7.3 liter “bulletproof” diesel 4×4 such as this:

2001 F250 7.3 Liter Diesel Powerstroke 4×4
Pic taken from

I prefer jobs that are outdoors, but will take interior jobs when the chemistry is there and especially during harsher weather seasons. I am specifically looking for projects where access may be limited. Most contractors do not like these jobs. I prefer them and get why some of us prefer to live “out there.” I also understand that we tend to think outside the box, are self-sufficient, and may be private people by nature.

I realize that remote projects take more of just about everything: design and planning time, cost and materials estimating, transportation of materials and tools, creative planning and troubleshooting those unasked for problems that always show up.

Motivated to leave behind a great work and take care of my dreams, I value beauty, efficiency, propriety, and attention to detail. I like projects that take a season or two to start and finish. I do not like to rush – that is when corners are cut.

I love exterior work when the weather is nice and do custom designed Cedar Florida rooms, Cedar Pergolas, Cedar Arbor Carports, and deck design, construction, restoration, and repair. I work with other kinds of wood but I just love Cedar.

For interiors, I can do anything but I enjoy remodeling kitchens and baths the most.

Next projects: 1. Florida, residential home remodel. 2. Ohio, new build – mother-in-law suite. 3. Oregon, assorted residential home projects.

I currently have new project openings starting early 2024. Shout out and let’s get you on the schedule!

Here are some works that I enjoyed putting together for friends in the recent past:

Small Bath Update

This space used to be a plastic tub and plastic surround. You know how that goes. New and clean bathroom with a walk-in shower for a lady concerned with balance and not wanting to climb over the side of a slippery tub and floor. Design is according to client specs with the shower head and valve on opposite ends of wet cabinet.

Kathys Bath 2

Hardwood flooring

Elegant or rustic, new or refinished, hardwood flooring will showcase the life of your home.

Quin's living room
Hardwood flooring is gorgeous, permanent furniture.

Cedar Arbor Carport

Compliments the home, and good for all weather conditions.

The day after it was finished!